Cookies are small files placed on your computer and are used by websites to display or operate the property website pages. We use cookies to improve your user experience.

our cookies include ensuring that:
- Stay logged;
- Your order will abstain during the ordering process;
- The site loads faster by remembering your specific settings;
- We can show you products that are more relevant to you.

Which cookies uses SportBoxx?

Sportboxx used analysis, advertising and functional cookies on its websites. In addition, during a visit to our website Cookies may be placed by third parties. Here for example is Facebook under which places a cookie so that you recognize such as when you want to share a card / Liking.

Sportboxx uses display ads and advertising cookies. We use Google Analytics features in combination with display ads. We do include Remarketing.

Remarketing means that third-party vendors, including Google, show our ads on external websites. We also use and other parties, including Google, first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) combined to ads targeted and optimized for display on the basis of a person's previous visits to our website. We place segment pixels to retargeting via Facebook and AppNexus. You can opt out of Google Analytics display ads and adjust your settings for the Google Display Network in the Ad Preferences.

How long will these cookies active?

There are two types of cookies, temporary and permanent. Cookies from the first group will be deleted when you close your browser. Permanent cookies can remain longer but can be deleted manually. Sportboxx used both.

What can you do if you want to delete the cookies or no cookies do not want anymore?

You can delete your cookies through the browser. Looking through the help function of your browser how to do this for your browser. Note that this removes all cookies, but a revisiting it'll be added again. There are several ways to reject all or some cookies. However, please note that it can also mean that our website is not working properly. Because this also refused functional cookies. You can change the settings through the browser. Use the search function of the browser to view the specific spot and options and to set. In addition, most browsers offer a "do not track" option


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